Untitled Barrier

3D Animation / Video - Single Channel 

There is a place that has emerged, a window opened that we've stepped through. Within it, consciousness is developing as a form of wildlife, a breeze rippling across the emerging landscape. Welcome to UNTITLED BARRIER

Drawing inspiration from an investigation into hyperrealism through graphite illustration and the work of artist Chris Van Allsburg with his images of a mysterious world of hyperreal graphite shading enchanted by an aura of hidden presence, UNTITLED BARRIER is the result of a personal exploration into virtual space, 3d modeling, and the surprisingly beautiful graphite style of modern ray tracing algorithms. 

Displayed on a 32" screen. Untitled Barrier will be exhibited as part of Currents New Media 2018




Untitled 3d Animation  / Video - Single Channel - RCA TV Set - Looping



The Deep Novelty Harvest Colony

Stereoscopic Photography, Video, 2D and Stop Motion Animation / Multichannel Interactive Installation 

The DNHC is the result of a deep dive exploration into the medium of stereoscopic imagery, in which two discrete images are presented to each of the viewer's eyes creating the effect of depth and three dimensional space. The technique was popular throughout the 1800s and early 1900s with many households owning their own stereoscope and card sets.   

Through a range of experimental techniques I developed an archive of over a thousand stereoscopic images, animations, and videos which were presented in a ring of four interactive viewing stations through which viewers could navigate the archives of three dimensional spaces via a custom program that would present the work in a semi-random fashion but ensuring that no new videos would arise until the entire archive was viewed, allowing for a unique image pairing and experience each visit.  

By accentuating the stereoscopic angles involved in the photography, widening or shortening the natural eye distances when photographed, the spaces take on a hyperreal quality as if carved out of reality itself. These spaces, while at times sitting silently within themselves, begin to exhibit emergent phenomena, bits of stereoscopic animation act as a sort of wildlife, composed of stereo collage, video, hand drawn and stop-motion animation.

The work is an attempt to depict sensations I experienced in direct perception of the present moment and the physical world, a sort of existential fascination with fabric of reality.  I wanted to depict a visceral kinesthetic sensation of feeling the space and forms around me as if from the inside of them, feeling the structure of the space as if part of myself, and to see how one composes images with the perception of depth as a primary image component. I strove to depict my fascination with the grit of existence as it is, rather than particularly formulated, crafted, or imagined. The show was exhibited at the Hinterland Art.Space in Denver, Colorado, which at the time was located in the RiNo Arts district. 

The full collection of slides stored in the archive.




Stop Motion Animation / Video - Single Channel - Looping



Li Series

Digital Video Processes - Datamoshing / Videos - Single Channel

Li is a concept found in neo-confucianism Chinese philosophy used in taoism to depict the underlying reason and order of nature expressed in its organic forms. Li is way of describing the structure of flow found in the natural world as compared to human's predominantly rectilinear forms. The Li Series is a body of work that uses digital processes and datamoshing to explore this flavor of flowing composition within digital video.



The Walk

Collaborative Work - In Process - 2D animation / Video -Single Channel

I've been working for a while with a good friend of mine whom I met in Santa Fe, Orlando Leibovitz. Orlando has a long career working as a painter and illustrator. He has a unique style of illustration and long ago asked me to assist him an ongoing curatorial project, the Six Inch Gallery, in which Orlando illustrates and 'hangs' work in a six inch illustrated gallery. The project has continued to evolve over the years, culminating in our current collaborative project The Walk. The work draws from a lifetime of Orlando's archived illustrations to build an intricate living world. 

Orlando and I collaborate across the country, sharing files via cloud storage, with character and scenery elements crafted by Orlando and animation and image composition by myself. The work is still in early development, and will be exhibited as part of Currents New Media 2018



The Magician's Assistant

Web Art - Digital Video / Micro-Video Series

Part video journal, part performance art, The Magician's Assistant is an exploration of gesture that uses micro video loops and square aspect ratios to explore a world of intensive play. The series continued my interest in point of view perspectives and an exploration of the hand as a means of expressing personal present moment engagement with the world around me and a kind of magical ritualized approach to a non-linguistic dialogue between myself and the space of experience and sensation.




Digital Video / Installation - Five Channel




Video - Single Channel



folding echoes in echoes

Electronic Video Installation / Light Projection - Realtime Digital Feedback Processes - Live feed.

An interactive light projection made up of a space of direct engagement with light. Through feedback, a sort of living light is created that echoes and recurs it's own forms back in on itself. All images within the installation are from a live video source, folded back into two interwoven feedback loops. One loop is optical feedback, the other is digital, using layered key filters to echo and iterate past content back into the installation.  Viewers walking through or engaging with the space of light become folded into the information that reverberates within the projected image. 



The Feeler Archives

Digital Video Collection

Between 2010 and 2012 I created a body of work exploring direct experience of space and presence though video. The work experimented with use of my hands and the camera to collect spaces of tactile dialogue and kinesthetic play between myself and the space of my awareness.  The camera becomes the gaze of attention and my hands an extension of my intention, will, and perception. The videos explore ecstatic experiences existential awe and wonder and a deep fascination with physicality.