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Spirit Photography : May 2019 @ Space Gallery, Portland ME

In this work, a miniature chair sits starkly in the exhibition surrounded by an assemblage of vintage hardware whose myriad cameras fix their lenses on the chair. A jungle of cabling runs through a structure of finely tuned devices whose esoteric mesh allow for the viewing of small spirits, animated beings alive in the light of the electric signal. As we watch, spirits enter and exit, coming to sit and express themselves expanding an imaginal layer to reality of a world of beings hovering just outside of the visible. Spirit Photography explores the growing relationship between our evolution of technologies for imaging and seeing the world through the light of the moving image and our connection to imaginal and the dreamscape.

Chair_Cam1_SpiritA copy 3.jpg
Chair_Cam1_SpiritA copy 2.jpg


HYPERTEXTURE : May 10 - June 15th 2019 @ Harlow Gallery, Hallowell ME

Ian Trask and Andrew Elijah Edwards


Two artists explore the landscape between the physical and the virtual, weaving a dialogue through their personal mediums. Ian Trask creates art out of the forgotten world of the material, recombining discarded bits of society into objects of mystery and reverence. Andrew Elijah Edwards transmutes light through the electronic moving image to explore the imaginal and subjective worlds. In HYPERTEXTURE, the two intertwine their practices, forming an exhibition expressing aesthetics of wild complexity in the meeting between the physical and the virtual, the inner and the external. As these two flows meet they spin off intricate eddies of texture and light. Through a series of personal and collaborative projects ranging from sculptural to video to the combination of the mediums through projection mapping and photogrammetry, Hypertexture exhibits a range of works created in dialogue and collaboration.