The Deep Novelty Harvest Colony

Stereoscopic Photography, Video, 2D and Stop Motion Animation / Multichannel Interactive Installation 

The DNHC is the result of a deep dive exploration into the medium of stereoscopic imagery, in which two discrete images are presented to each of the viewer's eyes creating the effect of depth and three dimensional space. The technique was popular throughout the 1800s and early 1900s with many households owning their own stereoscope and card sets.   

Through a range of experimental techniques I developed an archive of over a thousand stereoscopic images, animations, and videos which were presented in a ring of four interactive viewing stations through which viewers could navigate the archives of three dimensional spaces via a custom program that would present the work in a semi-random fashion but ensuring that no new videos would arise until the entire archive was viewed, allowing for a unique image pairing and experience each visit.  

By accentuating the stereoscopic angles involved in the photography, widening or shortening the natural eye distances when photographed, the spaces take on a hyperreal quality as if carved out of reality itself. These spaces, while at times sitting silently within themselves, begin to exhibit emergent phenomena, bits of stereoscopic animation act as a sort of wildlife, composed of stereo collage, video, hand drawn and stop-motion animation.

The work is an attempt to depict sensations I experienced in direct perception of the present moment and the physical world, a sort of existential fascination with fabric of reality.  I wanted to depict a visceral kinesthetic sensation of feeling the space and forms around me as if from the inside of them, feeling the structure of the space as if part of myself, and to see how one composes images with the perception of depth as a primary image component. I strove to depict my fascination with the grit of existence as it is, rather than particularly formulated, crafted, or imagined. The show was exhibited at the Hinterland Art.Space in Denver, Colorado, which at the time was located in the RiNo Arts district. 

An interview with my me from then with Westword, can be read here. 

The full collection of slides stored in the archive.