Andrew holds a deep curiosity with the act of being and of being aware within the felt presence of immediate experience. His deep fascination with vision and looking are explored through the transmission and transmutation of light through digital media, creating work that explores the moving image as a medium for experimenting with this landscape of direct experience that lives outside the realm linguistic expression, and of exploring a metaphysical power channeled through the imagination. Andrew received his MFA in Emergent Digital Practices from the University of Denver in 2014. He works at Spindleworks, a non profit art center in Brunswick Maine for adults with developmental disabilities where he brings a fascination with the electronic landscape to facilitating an environment for animation, video, and immersive installation.

There is a language in the mind capable of communicating with the world in a space beyond language and my work inhabits and experiments with this. I find the curiosity of existence existing at all so enchanting, that its presence vibrates with an exotic hum of profundity that is magic. I am also in a lifelong love affair with the mystery of other worlds and the enchanted other of the dreamscape.